Fertig.app #2 — Landing page

Over the next few months, I will try to build a SaaS platform from scratch and write down every step of my experience. The idea is to build an app acting as a hybrid solution to: deal with your tasks and manage your team easily !

Step 1: Get the domain name

So since I’m using it, let’s use Google Domains as well. It’s not the cheapest provider but offert the business suite (with google drive, sheets etc.) which is great if this project goes beyond a simple side-project.

Step 2: Get an easy to configure landing page

The great thing is that you can by a template for a few bucks and just modify HTML and CSS as well as switch the images to have a beautiful website up and running within 30 minutes or so.

You could use professional drag-n-drop services like wix.com but why bother paying ?

Step 3: Publish the landing page

Coming up next: Choosing the stack and how to build the app with firebase and other nice solutions !

Credits: Dessin animé vecteur créé par vectorjuice — fr.freepik.com